What is Polyamory and Can it work in the Real World?

When we think of Alternative Lifestyles we immediately think of being swingers, having open marriages, bisexuality, homosexuality, but how often do we think of polyamory? Polyamory can be considered an alternative lifestyle also. But confusing swinging with polyamory is an age old mistake, that a lot of people make.

The swinging lifestyle is about spicing up your sex life, trying new things, and enjoying the intimacy of other people or “friends with benefits.”

The polyamory lifestyle is different, where swingers enjoy no strings attached sex, Polyamory is all about deeper, loving relationships where sex can simply be a benefit, not a necessity. In layman’s terms, it’s about being in love with someone more than just your partner, and it is a consensual relationship for everyone. Just to point out though, Polyamory is NOT the same as Polygamy. Polygamy is sometimes part of one’s actual religion, where Polyamory is not.

Certainly having a polyamory relationship is hard for many to understand, the same can be said for bisexuality and homosexuality.  Depending on your own beliefs, traditionally man and woman are married under God and any intimacies outside of the marriage would be considered adulterous. In this day and age you should always believe that anything is possible, as long as you strive for it.

Treat a polyamorous relationship just as you would any relationship. The only way to make any relationship work is to have the same basic structure such as communication, trust, understanding, and honesty. Should you embark upon a polyamorous relationship, keep the lines of communication open and never hold back on any issue that may be bothering you, just as you should in a regular couples relationship.

Can Polyamory work in society?

As long as everyone involved in the relationship will allow it, Polyamory can definitely work in society today. Will people be put off by such a relationship? Of course, it’s natural for human beings to question anything unusual to them, and alternative lifestyles are right at the top of the list of being misunderstood. Worrying about what others think might help your relationship or it might not, ultimately the choice is yours and the others that are involved.

The best thing that you can do is research the lifestyle, so that you understand exactly what you are considering. Do not let other people’s opinions sway you as the result can be unsatisfying. There are a lot of books, and websites dedicated to the Polyamory relationship that should be looked over and researched before deciding if it is the right choice for you or not.