The latest dating niches

Most of us are somewhat familiar with the online dating scene, at least on a basic level. Whether we have tried it ourselves or have heard other people’s stories, we can appreciate that there are enough dating sites to cover most people’s needs. These days you can find dating sites for pretty much anyone, and they are all easy to find just by using Google. It i9s actually when we use search engines that we realise that there are indeed a lot of different dating niches, so let’s take a look at what is popular these days.

MILFS and cougars

Now you’ve probably seen all those adverts for MILF dating, sometimes also known as cougar dating. Here older women are interested in dating younger men, and believe it or not younger men actually really like that too. What is there not too like, you get to have sex with an experienced woman who knows how to please a man. Older people have more experience in life, but also in bed. They know how to do things that their younger counterparts simply do not know how to do, and we recommend you give it a try; you might find it hard to come back to people your age after that.

Granny dating

This goes even further, and the trend is getting more popular by the day. Some men just have a thing about older women, it might stem from childhood and the need to be looked after. Either way, young men hooking up with granny contacts is very much a thing. You cannot beat the experience which comes with age. Some of us are just not in tune with people from our generation, and we find that we have more in common with people from past generations. So for those of you who find that young women are a bit to self-centred and impatient, then maybe you might be happy dating a woman twice your age. It sounds naughty but we all see beauty differently.

Sex dating

Now this one has been popular for a while, but it is the way people proceed with it that is becoming more common, Rather than using sex dating sites, people use free profiles from popular normal dating sites to try to get laid. It does have to be said that this approach doesn’t always work, and people are starting to realise that. This is why adult dating sites which charge you for a subscription are actually getting more members than ever, because at least when people pay then they are more committed and less likely to act badly online. Let’s face it, a lot of people want to have sex, both on the male and female side.

Geek dating

Now this niche is quite the friendly one. It is mainly centred on geeks who want to date like-minded people. Whether those people are into videogames or even phantasy card games, there are a lot more geek dating sites now that those activities have become so popular. So if you love you computers or videogame consoles, you don’t need to be alone like the old cliché about geeks. There are a lot of men and women who play those games, and they enjoy spending time with like-minded people. Ultimately all those niches are about finding a speciality that fits you best, so take a look online and you will see there are a whole lot more dating niches now than ever before; you just need to find the one that is good for you.