Keeping sex simple?

Most people enjoy sex; after all our bodies are designed so that the act feels pleasurable. But more often than not what starts with simple fun evolves to something bigger. Some of us fall in love whilst others get addicted to lust and the good it brings to our lives; which can make sex to be more complicated than it should. The reality is that if we keep our heads together then sex can remain that lovely simple way to have a good time; it’s just a matter of knowing how to deal with it. That might sound easy enough but the truth is that with sex it’s always complicated!

Basic sex 101

Whilst there are plenty of reasons why people fall in love and decide to get married; the truth is that some days you just want some no strings sex; and there is nothing wrong with that. The basic and most successful method for this is simply to go online and find potential partners on casual dating websites. Whilst in the past you had to go out and meet people in public places; the internet is now where it’s at; no mystery to it! Women enjoy using those websites as much as men do so it’s not like the old sausage party it once was. Sure it took time for those sites to be anything useful but with our society evolving; people no longer have as much faith in the institution of marriage as they once did.

No strings?

This concept comes up a lot when talking about sex. People want it to be enjoyable and they don’t want to be left with regrets or worries attached to it. Those ‘strings’ represent the idea that you can’t have sex without owing something further to that person; but why should you really? You both had sex and given pleasure to each other and it feels like the contract has been fulfilled hasn’t it? Well it doesn’t always work like that; and people who are in a serious relationship know it. They probably won’t tell you but they know that every time they have sex with their girlfriend they still have consequences attached to it. When you’re in a serious relationship; nothing is ever free.

Just pure pleasure

Is there such thing as just pleasure without worries? The truth is unfortunately a little more complicated than that. You can have sex with the one person for the one night but unless you use adequate protection; you will probably still worry about it afterwards. So it seems like in order to make sex easy; you have to take a few precautions. Stay covered and stay away from other people’s partners; for this will also create some strings that you will have to worry later on. If you want a life of no worries; you have to do things right. No strings comes with preparation and using a level-headed approach; so make sure you act respectful and do what is right; then you will feel nothing but happiness the next day!