Do You Know What a Pink Salon Is?

Don’t head to a Japanese Pink Salon thinking you’re gonna get your “hair did”. If you do head to a Pink Salon, you might be surprised to find it is anything but a salon. Colloquially, they’re known as blowjob bars, and that’s a pretty apt description.

Japan is becoming notorious for its very specific fetish services and ways to circumvent the anti-prostitution laws. Since the law is for genital-to-genital contact, oral sex, handjobs, fingering and even anal are technically okay. Thank god for loop holes! The underground sexual culture is rampant, there are over 5000 sex clubs in Kabukicho today, and they are nearly all different. You’d actually be hard-pressed to find a good old fashioned strip club.

Like many other Japanese establishments that are sexually inclined, Pink Salons are mostly unwelcoming to foreigners, but a Google search will help you find a place that accepts tourists.

Service at a Pink Salon will last about half an hour, and for around thirty to fifty dollars (the price varies according to source) you’ll get a drink at the bar, be seated in a restaurant style booth, greeted by an attractive and scantily clad girl and then blown after she cleans your junk with wet wipes. It’s acceptable to return the favour to your host, with your mouth or hands, you can even 69.

If you have performance anxiety and are not a fan of exhibitionism, then a Pink Salon isn’t going to be your ideal scenario as you’ll more than likely see the top of another patron’s head or a girl getting down to business. Can you imagine if you make eye contact with another guy while you are receiving? Awkward sauce. It’s also highly frowned upon to make eye contact with another patron.

Even though they’re already great value, rumour has it that many blowjob bars will offer specials such as two girls for the price of one, half price days and even frequent fellatio discounts – get ten get your eleventh free, that kind of thing.

As always, use your best judgement in a foreign establishment and be aware of the rules before you arrive. Tourists are usually required to wear condoms, so be prepared and don’t be the guy who got kicked out of a blowjob bar, that’d be embarrassing.